Senior Cell Phone Plans

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Senior cell phone plans are special plans marketed towards seniors and offered by wireless cell phone companies with some type of discount. Many senior plans also include discounts on the cell phones. There are many senior cell phone plans categories such as the contract or no contract cell phone plans for seniors, shared and family plans, discount and free cell phone plans for seniors. All these cell phone plan types are discussed here with tips about each type.

Family and Shared Plans

Best Cell Phones for Seniors

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Are you looking for the best cell phones for seniors in 2016? With today's advances, cell phones became very important for senior citizens to communicate with their family and friends, but the biggest value is clear at the emergency. Most of the companies that provide senior-friendly cell phones are taking care of the senior safety and health, so they offer special cell phone plans for seniors to make the phone more valuable in these purposes and fit the senior’s individual needs. We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best cell phones for seniors available in the market, reviewing their features, prices and plans.

Best Smartphones for Seniors

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It may represent a challenge to find the best smartphone for seniors that makes consideration of the seniors’ limited experience with the modern technology. As the number of senior citizens using smartphones recently increased, many cell phone manufacturers designed simple smartphones with senior-friendly features to help them to stay connected, chat using social networks, surfing the web, monitoring their medication, taking photos and share them. Here’s a review of the best smartphones for seniors that have recently hit the market.

Consumer Cellular Plans - Phones - Reviews

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Here’s a review of one of the cell phone companies that specialize in dealing with the senior market that would be consumer cellular; which is a mobile virtual network operator that runs on the AT&T’s network. In these Consumer Cellular reviews, you’ll find an overview of the Consumer Cellular plans, Consumer Cellular phones, coverage, features, pricing, pros, cons, customer service, and the exclusive discounts for AARP members.

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2016

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Now many wireless companies attempt to provide various cell phone plans for seniors to cater the seniors' needs, of course, that is good to have this variety of plans to choose from, but it also may be confusing to choose the best cell phone plans for seniors. The best cell phone plans for seniors should be simple and work best to achieve the seniors' needs by including the suitable features and options at affordable prices. Here we talk about the best cell phone plans for seniors 2016, discussing their features and options to make it easier to find the right cell phone plan that fits your lifestyle at affordable prices.