Monday, November 20, 2017

Best Cell Phones for Seniors 2017

Are you looking for the best cell phones for seniors in 2016 - 2017? With today's advances, cell phones became very important for senior citizens to communicate with their family and friends, but the biggest value is clear at the emergency. Most of the companies that provide senior-friendly cell phones are taking care of the senior safety and health, so they offer special cell phone plans for seniors to make the phone more valuable in these purposes and fit the senior’s individual needs. We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best cell phones for seniors available in the market, reviewing their features, prices and plans.

best cell phones for seniors

Jitterbug Flip - Best Cell Phones for Seniors 2017

The Jitterbug phone starts as a great phone on the senior market from about ten years ago and keep being better and better as the time pass. The Jitterbug Flip is the new member of the Jitterbug cell phone series and comes with many recommended features for seniors; which makes it one of the best cell phones for seniors. It has a clear, color screen with large font that makes the display be more easily seen by the user. The keypad has large buttons with large numbers so, seniors can easily deal with it. The menu navigation is very simple through the YES and NO buttons. For seniors who have a hearing problem, this phone comes with a loudspeaker and is hearing aid compatible and as all the Jitterbug phones it can call for help in the emergency if the “0” button is pressed to activate the 5-star alert service.

Jitterbug Flip for seniors
Jitterbug Flip Features
  • Large keypad with backlit makes dialing easy.
  • Clear, color screen displays a big font for easy reading.
  • Additional external screen.
  • Easy navigation through Yes and No buttons.
  • Loud, clear Speaker.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible.
  • Voice dial capability feature.
  • 5-Star emergency alert button.
  • Basic built-in Camera.
  • Long lasting Battery.
  • Check out the Jitterbug cell phones review.

You can get the Jitterbug Flip (at the time of writing this article) for $100 from GreatCall with $35 one-time activation fee and any prepaid monthly plan from GreatCall, which is the service provider for the Jitterbug phones and offers talk, text, data plans along with safety and health care services.

Doro PhoneEasy 626 - Best Senior-Friendly Phone

Doro features a variety of easy-to-use cell phones for seniors. Here’s the Doro phoneEasy 626 offered by Consumer Cellular for $50. The Doro PhoneEasy 626 is a flip design cell phone that has many safety features for senior citizens such as the Emergency Alert button, which can be programmed to call for help with a simple press and the Speed dial buttons along with other features such as:

doro phonerasy 626 cell phone

Snapfon ezTWO - Big Button Cell Phones for Seniors

Snapfon ezTWO is one of the best cell phones for seniors offered by Snapfon, which catering the senior’s unique needs. The phone has several good features such as the big buttons, the easy to read screen, the enhanced volume, and the speaking keypad. The Snapfon ezTWO also has safety options to keep seniors safe and secure such as the SOS Emergency Alert button, which can be activated by adding the SOS Mobile Monitoring service to any plan from Snapfon for $15 only, so you get any time help if you pressed the SOS button for 5 seconds.

snapfone eztwo big buttons

Snapfon ezTWO features
  • Big buttons with big numbers.
  • Speaking keypad.
  • Color screen with big fonts.
  • Enhanced volume.
  • Hearing aid compatible.
  • Long last battery.
  • Simple Camera.
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in LED flash.
  • Check out the Snapfon ezTWO review.
You can get this phone now for free with any service plan from Snapfōn, if you want the phone without plans you can get it for $79.99 only.

Kisa Phone - Best low-tech mobile phone

The Kisa phone is a low-tech mobile phone designed to help the seniors and disabled to stay connected. This cell phone is aimed at people struggling with smartphones and is designed to give them security and safety. The Kisa phone is very simple to use, you press one button you call one person. There is no screen or digital menus, no internet, no social media instead there are ten programmable buttons on the phone front, which can be clearly labeled by name or a picture for easy recognition and quick direct calls.

kisa phone for seniors

Kisa is the easiest phone to use and is one of the best cell phones for seniors who struggle with the new technology, the only extra functions are the printed emergency, medical  information, and the SOS button on the phone back to connect with emergency services.

Just5 CP10S - Simple Cell Phones for Seniors

The Just5 CP10S is a colorful cell phone offered by Just5 and considered one of the best cell phones for seniors because it combines simplicity and reliability. This cell phone offers just the needed features for a simple cell phone for seniors.

Just5 cp10s

Just5 CP10S Features
  • Simple, easy to use menu.
  • Big buttons.
  • Loud and clear speaker.
  • FM Radio.
  • Flashlight.
  • Long lasting battery (8.5 hours talk time).
  • Emergency SOS button called the SuperButton.
The SuperButton is on the phone back and is designed to send out five text messages and calls to five pre-defined emergency contacts at the same time.