Best Smartphone Plans for Seniors

Here we are going to preview some of the best smartphone plans for seniors 2020 and data plans, which give you the best value and save you money. And will give you advices and tips that may reduce your pay for data. Smartphones used by senior citizens are rising day after day. Seniors should get smartphones if they are more interested in surfing the web and access their Email and social media apps, beside connecting with their family and friends. The functionality of the phone should be maximized if a data plan is used to allow access to the internet.

Smartphone Plans for Seniors

Most cell phone plans for seniors don’t include any data, so extra costs is waiting for smartphone users. As example, Verizon 65 nationwide plan is offering data plans separate from the talk plans, if you are using smartphone, you will go to the 2 GB offer, which add $30 extra cost, and if you like to stream video you will need more data, so you will go to the 5 GB offer, which add $50 extra cost. The additional cost increases the overall cost than what it should be, as this plan is directed to senior citizens who are supposed to be living on fixed incomes.

Best Smartphone Plans for Seniors

Data Boost Plans

Boost mobile

Boost mobile service runs on Sprint’s network, and offers the Data Boost Plans, which are a good choice as smartphone plans for seniors. All Data boost plans include unlimited talk, text and data, it is no contract plans, that start with as little as $35 per month for 1GB at high speed, it is good if you are not a heavy internet user. If you need higher speed data the next plan gives you 5GB for only $45 per month, which is a right plan if you like video streaming. The last plan will give you 10GB for $55 per month. The data speed will be reduced after the specified GB by each plan reached, the data speed will come again at the beginning of the next month cycle.

Straight Talk Unlimited Plans

Straight Talk

Straight Talk offers the Unlimited Plans which are no contract plans, and are a suitable smartphone plans for seniors, for $45 per month you get unlimited nationwide talk, text and data at high speed for the first 3GB, then you still can get access to data but data speed reduced to 64 kbps for the remainder of the month.

Unlimited Your Way

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers one of the best smartphone plans for seniors, the Unlimited Your Way plan. This plan gives you some flexibility, you can get unlimited talk, text and data at high speed for the first 250MB, then data speed reduced. Or you can get unlimited text and data at high speed for the first 2.5GB and also get 300 minutes. You can get this plan for only $35.

Reduce Your Pay for Smartphone Plans

Here are some tips you should consider to reduce the smartphone service cost
  • Use phone applications to estimate your data usage, so you can know the average data you need and then you can enroll in the right plan that fits your need and save you money.

  • Try to connect to WiFi network if available, especially if you are at home, that will keep your smartphone data usage down.

  • Family plans or group plans are another way to get a low cost smartphone plans for seniors, this will cost about $30 per device if we consider Verizon More Everything plan or AT&T Family Plan.

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