Wednesday, March 1, 2017

AARP Cell Phone Service

We are going to talk about the AARP cell phone and plans for seniors, AARP discounts are a great way to reduce cell phone fees for seniors as most of them live on a fixed income. Let’s first talk about this organization.

AARP Cell Phone

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is a nonprofit organization, and also a non-partisan organization that founded in 1958 and is serving people aged 50 and older to improve their lives. It selects and promote services and products of high value to the senior citizens. AARP becomes a trusted source for news and tips in all senior lifestyles and helps more than 37 million members in many fields, here we will focus on the discounts offered by AARP cell phone and cell phone plans for seniors.

There are many discounts for cell phones and cell phone plans for seniors offered by AARP through a better known service providers such as Consumer Cellular, GreatCall and Sprint.

Consumer Cellular AARP Cell Phone and Plans

Consumer Cellular is a company that catering the needs of the seniors in the USA and is the most famous service provider for AARP cell phone and cell phone plans discount offers. The Anywhere Casual plans offered by Consumer Cellular start as little as $10 a month for cell phone emergency users, and range from $19 to $60 a month from 250 to 2000 anytime minutes over AT&T network, beside these no contract plans you can also choose from an affordable set of Doro cell phones. Check out the recent Consumer Cellular plans review.

With Consumer Cellular AARP members will get
  • Instant 5% discount in their monthly fees.
  • 30% discount on all cell phone accessories.
  • Extended money back guarantee from 30 day to 45 days.

GreatCall AARP Cell Phone and Plans

GreatCall offers Jitterbug Plus, as an AARP cell phone. This cell phone provides many features make it one of the most recommended cell phones for seniors. You can get this AARP cell phone with a pay as you go plan for seniors. Plans start from $15 a month, targeting senior citizens who only use their cell phones for emergency or occasional calls. You also have the benefit of access GreatCall 24/7 service all the time for free, for more details checkout the Jitterbug phones.

Sprint AARP Cell Phone discount

If you are an AARP member you can get a discount from Sprint. All you need to do is to fill out the forms for the sprint discount program to get eligibility verification, if you are eligible then you will be asked to upload a copy of a document that proves you an AARP member. If you success to get a discount from Sprint, your service contract will automatically extend by 2 years.

AARP membership is not the only way to get discounts from Sprint, memberships in several credit unions, AAA members, military, Costco members and employees and UPS employees also can get discounts for more information you should contact the customer service.

AARP cell phone and cell phone plans for senior discounts are real and available. You can save money by just getting AARP membership for $16 or less if you are in the USA, $17 if you are in Canada or $28 for the other countries.

If you have more information about AARP cell phone and senior cell phone plans let us know in the comments.