Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Senior cell phone plans are special plans marketed towards seniors and offered by wireless cell phone companies with some type of discount. Many senior plans also include discounts on the cell phones. There are many senior cell phone plans categories such as the contract or no contract cell phone plans for seniors, shared and family plans, discount and free cell phone plans for seniors. All these cell phone plan types are discussed here with tips about each type.

Family and Shared Plans

Cell phones have become an important tool to keep older family members in touch with their family and friends, especially if they have or are in need medical incident. As the number of senior citizens using cell phones increased day by day, several Senior cell phone plans became available in the cell phone service market with different features and options, that make picking the suitable senior cell phone plans more tricky.

To get a valuable senior cell phone plan, you should research the features and options available in each plan. Low rate, simple plans with nationwide coverage are the best choice to save money on the growing costs of cell phones plans. Remember, you should not pay for services you don’t use.

We will go into detail about Senior cell phone plans and their features and options. You should compare these plans to choose the best plan fits your needs depending on your cell phone use.

No Contract Senior Cell Phone Plans

Also known as prepaid plans, this type of plans is directed to seniors who don’t prefer to be attached to a long term contract. You first prepay for a specific amount of minutes to be used within a specific service period. No contract senior cell phone plans are offered by most of the major carriers. prepaid cell phone plans market rapidly grow (T-mobile is completely switched to prepaid service), many other lesser known providers such as Tracfone, Puretalk, and Value Plus Mobile offer affordable no contract plans.

Value Plus Senior Plan

Value Plus plans

The Value Plus Mobile company uses nationwide coverage from the major carriers and offers low-cost cell phone plans for seniors and emergency cell phone users. The value Plus senior Plan is an affordable cell phone plan for seniors, for only $9.99 a month you can get 60 anytime minutes, extra minutes will cost $0.22 per minute. This basic plan can save you money if you don’t use your cell phone regularly.

Consumer Cellular Plans

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular, this company has more than %80 of users over 50 years old as it is targeting the senior citizens needs. This plan starts as little as $10 a month, and you will pay $0.25 per used minute. The next level of this plan will cost $15 per month for 250 anytime minutes you can use them through 30 days. Consumer Cellular provides a good coverage for most regions in the US since it runs on the AT&T network.

No contract plans provide minutes with slightly higher cost than contract plans, in some plans you may charge one-time activation fee or pay extra fees for text messaging or voice mail, but you will not have extra fees, no credit checks, no early termination fees and you can switch service at any time.

Pay As You Go Senior Plans

Pay as you go senior cell phone plans are prepaid plans, you can choose this type of plans to save money and pay only for what you get. Some of the pay as you go plans have the advantage of the longer service period (usually 90 days or 120 days). Pay as you go senior cell phone plans are a perfect choice for seniors who use their cell phones for the emergency.

Page Plus Mobile

Page Plus pay as you go plans

Pay as you go plans from Page Plus Mobile start from $10 for 100 anytime minutes on Verizon network, you can use them for 120 days. With rollover feature for the unused minutes, you should consider this plan if you use your cell phone rarely. If you need more minutes you can upgrade to the $25 pay as you go plan from this provider.

Tracfone Pay As You Go Plan

Tracefone pay as you go plans

The $19.9 pay as you go plan offered by Tracfone, presents a good option for low usage senior citizens. You get 60 anytime minutes for 90 days with the rollover feature for the unused minutes. Unlike Page Plus Mobile, Tracfone uses all the major carriers. For more minutes you can go to the $29.99 plan which provides 120 anytime minutes. Check out the best Tracfone reviews.

Contract Senior Cell Phone Plans

Also called prepaid cell phone plans for seniors, these are a long term (usually 2 years) contract plans. You talk first, then pay later for a specific amount of minutes and you may add text or data plans or both if you need. Contract senior cell phone plans offer the lowest per minute rates and are suitable for seniors who use their phones regularly. Some major carriers like Verizon and AT&T offer contract cell phone plans geared toward seniors, we will discuss here.

Verizon’s Nationwide 65 Plus


Verizon wireless offers the Nationwide 65 Plus for senior citizens who are 65 years old or above. A $35 activation fee is paid one time, the single line plan provides 200 anytime minutes and 500 minutes are available on nights and weekends for $29.99 a month. For any additional minute you will pay $0.45 for more information about the text, data plans, and the double lines plans, check the full detailed Verizon nationwide 65 plus plan.

AT&T Senior Nation 200


The senior Nation 200 plan is offered by AT&T, provide 200 anytime minutes and 500 minutes available on nights and weekends for only $29.99 a month, this plan is competitive for the nationwide 65 plan offered by Verizon. $35 one time activation fees are applied.
If you go to contract plans you should expect activation fees and hidden fees such as taxes, surcharges. No rollover feature for the remaining minutes, high cancellation fees. But if you are a heavy cell phone user, contract plans may be your best choice.

Free Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Yeah, it’s really free! You can get a basic cell phone along with free cell phone plan. The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government sponsored program which geared towards low-income citizens and of course seniors. There are millions of US citizens have enrolled in the Lifeline Assistance Program and get free cell phones and plans. And still there more millions that are qualified and can enroll now.
Are you qualified for the Lifeline Assistance Program?
To check if you are qualified and know about Lifeline provider companies, check free cell phones for seniors.

AARP Cell Phone Plans for Seniors


AARP is a nonprofit organization serving people aged 50 and older. AARP offers many discounts for senior cell phone plans, cell phones. and cell phone accessories. If you are a senior citizen who wants to save money and reduce cell phone fees AARP discounts can help you. These discounts are offered through service providers like Consumer Cellular and GreatCall. For more information about discount and providers check out the AARP cell phone.

Senior SmartPhone Plans

As seniors using cell phones increased day by day, also smartphone senior users increased day by day. Data plans are the way to increase the functionality of the smartphone by making surfing the web, checking Email, watching videos, social media available.

Data Boost Plans

Boost Mobile

Data boost plan from Boost Mobile is a good example of smartphone plans for seniors. You get unlimited talk, text, and data. You pay $35 to get the first GB at high speed or pay $45 to get the first 5GB at high speed (this plan is suitable for video streaming) or pay $55 to get the first 10GB at high speed. This prepaid plan runs on Sprint’s network. For more plans and tips about how to reduce your pay for data check smartphone plans for seniors.

Family and Shared Plans

Shared plans or Family plans are a good way to reduce paying for a cell phone, you can add extra lines at minimal cost. Shared plans like Verizon More Everything plan or AT&T Family Plan is recommended for seniors if available, the single line will cost about $30 a month. This is affordable, especially for smartphone users.

How to pick the right cell phone plan?

There are some recommended tips that may help you in choosing the right cell phone plan and save you money.
  • Researching cell phone plans, features and options is a must, then choose what fit your usage “ unused services not required”. Some people pay for services they don't use, others pay extra charges to use many services.

  • Try to get a low, flat rate plan that uses a dependable nationwide coverage to get the best connectivity. Make sure you can switch service as often as you like.

  • Some cell phone carriers offer cell phones for little money or no money with expensive plans provide services you don’t need. Avoid these types of plans, paying more for the cell phone is better in the long run.

  • Senior cell phone plans are marketed towards seniors but aren’t always the best choice. The best plan for you is the plan, which fits your cell phone use and saves you money with dependable coverage.