AT&T Senior Plans 2020 - Discount for Seniors

Here we are going to preview another popular cell phone plan for seniors, which is the AT&T senior nation 200 plan and the best AT&T cell phones for seniors 2019. This plan is available through AT&T Wireless, which is one of the major cell phone service providers in the US. The AT&T senior plans 2020 is a two year contract plan that targets older people, 65 years old and above. This plan from AT&T offers low price minutes for seniors with the ability to add messaging plan and data plan.

AT&T Wireless Senior Nation 200 Plan

AT&T Senior Plans 2020 - 2019

AT&T Senior Discount
The AT&T senior plan called the senior nation 200 plan offers 200 anytime minutes for only $29.99, and $36 one time activation fee. You also get 500 minutes available at night start at 9:00 PM and unlimited mobile to mobile calling feature. No long distance fees and free visual voicemail. This plan is a competitor to Verizon nationwide 65 plus plan.


With AT&T wireless senior nation 200 plan you pay $0.2 per text message, $0.3 per multimedia (picture / video) message or get unlimited text messages for $20 a month. There are also international messaging plans which start at $10 a month, you can send messages from the US to over 200 countries around the world.


AT&T wireless senior nation 200 plan offers data plans on 4G network speed, start at $25 for 2 GB per month. This data plan is suitable for users who need to check their Emails, connect to social media and web browsing. If you need to stream videos and music you will need more data, so you can go to the next plan to get 4.5 GB for $45 per month. The dataoverage fee is $10 per GB.

AT&T senior nation 200 plan fees

  • The service fee is $2 per line, per month

  • One time activation fee is $36

  • Cancelation fee is $325

  • Location tracking fee is $10 per month

  • The enhanced voicemail fee is $2 per month

  • The mobile insurance fee is $5 per month

AT&T wireless senior nation 200 plan is offered by a famous wireless company that ensure a nationwide coverage and good connectivity, besides offering lower price minutes that makes it a good seniors choice.

AT&T Cell Phones for Seniors

AT&T Flip Phones for Seniors

At the current time there's no senior friendly cell phone for seniors offered by AT&T. But if you preview the features of the LG b470, you'll find it has some features that can makes it suitable for some of the senior's needs.
LG b470 - AT&T cell phones for seniors
  • 2.2 inch main display.
  • External display to show notifications.
  • Enhanced audio mode for seniors.
  • Text to speech button.
  • built-in 1.3 MP camera.
  • Supports Bluetooth.
For more information and reviews for the best AT&T cell phones for seniors check out the AT&T cell phones for seniors

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