Tuesday, September 20, 2016

AARP AT&T Senior Discount

If you are an AARP member you can get 10% monthly discount for AT&T cell phone service charge. This discount provided by agreement between AARP and AT&T Wireless, and is available only for AARP members. AARP membership, which costs about $16 per year can save you more money and decrease your cell phone bill with AT&T Wireless, also with AARP membership you can get valuable discounts from other service providers such as Consumer Cellular, Great Call, and Cricket Wireless.

AT&T AARP Discount

AARP AT&T Discounts for Seniors

AT&T offers discount to AARP members who can verify a valid AARP membership. The discount is applied to the voice and data plans monthly fees, and doesn’t apply to

AARP is a non-profit organization aim to help 50 years and older people by highlighting the best services and products for millions of senior members to improve their life style. AAPR became a source for promotions and news for senior citizens and also makes agreements with well-known cell phone providers such as Consumer Cellular, Great Call, Cricket Wireless, and AT&T Wireless which we talk about here to help senior citizens to save some money as most of them live in a fixed income. If you aren’t an AARP member you can visit aarp.org and your membership for about $16 per year or less if you extended your membership for more than one year.

How to Get AARP AT&T Senior Discount

To get the AT&T AARP discount you have to go to AT&T store or authorized retailer with your AARP membership card. It is preferred to choose a corporate store and make an appointment online or call 888.998.8310 to make your appointment, which will save some time when you reach your local AT&T store. You can also confirm your current membership via aarp.org and enroll in the AT&T AARP discount under an individual account. If you confirm your eligibility, you can get the discount in a period up to two bill cycles.