Consumer Cellular Plans and Phones for Seniors

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Here’s a review of one of the cell phone companies that specialize in dealing with the senior market that would be consumer cellular; which is a mobile virtual network operator that runs on the AT&T’s network. In these Consumer Cellular reviews, you’ll find an overview of the Consumer Cellular plans, Consumer Cellular phones, coverage, features, pricing, pros, cons, customer service, and the exclusive discounts for AARP members.

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular Coverage

Consumer Cellular is one of the mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) that runs on the AT&T’s network so; it provides nationwide coverage with good speed. It's good for a non-carrier service provider to gain the benefits of AT&T, which is one of the top reliable carriers in the United States.

Consumer Cellular Plans

Consumer Cellular offers no-contract cell phone plans for seniors who needed the cell phone, but they didn`t really need all the bells and whistles that are included in most of the cell phone plans available today. Consumer cellular plans are optimized to be senior-friendly plans that fit the senior's needs and budgets. Consumer cellular plans are split to voice calling plans and text/data plans, and you pay for each type separately.

Talk plans
Consumer Cellular offers six different rates, the cheapest talk plan starts as low as $10 per month and provides all minutes at $0.25 each; this plan is recommended for seniors who use the phone for the emergency only. The next level plan starting with the $15  monthly plan, which provides 250 minutes per month until the unlimited minute plan, which is available for $50 per month.

Consumer Cellular Plans

Consumer Cellular Plans features
  • Monthly plans start as low as $10 per month.
  • No-contract so, you are on a month to month basis.
  • No activation fees.
  • No fee to change from plan to another.
  • No long distance fee applied so, you can call any of the 50 states, but you can`t call internationally there is an extra fee.
  • If you exceed your allowed plan minutes you automatically upgraded to the next rate plan so; there are no overcharges.
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee for 30 days or 30 minutes of usage for unsatisfied customers.
  • Every plan includes free calling services such as:
  • Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting.
  • Voicemail.
  • Conference Calling.
  • International Direct Dial. 

Text and Data plans

Consumer Cellular offers six different text-and-data combinations, starting with 300 texts plus 30MB of data for $2.5 per month until the unlimited texts plus 4GB of data for $40 a month. If you exceed your allowed text or data usage, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the next rate plan and after 4GB you’ll pay $10/GB along with decreased speed. According to the deal between AT&T and Consumer Cellular the maximum allowed data usage is 10 GB a month.

Consumer Cellular text and data Plans

The unlimited options are very expensive compared to the most of the cell phone companies. Let’s take the Verizon prepaid unlimited plans as an example; with Verizon, you can get unlimited talk and unlimited text with 1GB of data per month for only $30 per month but with Consumer Cellular you get unlimited talk and text with 1.5GB of data per month for $70 per month.

Consumer Cellular Family Plans

Consumer Cellular has only one family plan that allows you to share your minutes, texts, and data with your family members.
  • You can add each line for only $10 per month.
  • You get free calls to all the lines on the same account.

Consumer Cellular AARP Discounts

Consumer Cellular is AARP partner that offers exclusive discounts for AARP members, which can be summarized in three points:
  • 5% discount off the monthly plan price and usage charges.
  • 30% discount on select accessories purchased.
  • Extend the money back satisfaction guarantee from 30 days to 45 days.
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Consumer Cellular Phones

Consumer Cellular has a slim cell phone selection compared to major carriers like Verizon, and AT&T. The offered Consumer Cellular phones are basic phones, Android phones, and several iPhone models.  If you are looking for specially designed phones for seniors; Consumer Cellular offers the Doro PhoneEasy 626, which is a flip phone designed with seniors in mind, and the Doro SmartEasy, which is a simplified smartphone for seniors with an emergency call button.

If you are looking for top smartphones, you can easily buy expensive phones from the available Consumer Cellular phones with the Easypay service, which is a monthly payment system and the iPhone models would be your choice since; all the available Android phones are mid range or dated.

Consumer Cellular Customer Service - Phone Number

The customer service is one of the main reasons why current customers love Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular has U.S. based customer service team and ranks high in the latest Consumer Reports wireless survey in customer satisfaction beating all the major carriers. The Support team is available through a website contact form, E-mail, and by a free phone number.
Consumer Cellular Phone Number (888) 345-5509

Consumer Cellular Reviews

Consumer Cellular is a reliable cell phone provider that uses the AT&T’ robust network, offers competitive prices, and excellent customer services. But Consumer Cellular optimize their services for a specific audience (the AARP members and senior citizens). It provides affordable limited talk and text plans so, if you don’t use your phone often, Consumer Cellular is an excellent choice. But if you are looking for unlimited talk and text plan you will bay higher prices than other carriers, also, if you need a lot of data (over 4GB of data) you will be out of luck.

Consumer Cellular reviews summary

consumer cellular Reviews : Pros
  • Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T’s network; this is good for a non-carrier service provider to gain the benefits of AT&T, which is one of the major carriers in the United States. 
  • Decent plans for those who don’t use their phone often.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Offers discounts for AARP members.
  • Offers senior-friendly phones unlike the other cell phone providers.

Consumer Cellular reviews : Cons
  • Very expensive unlimited talk and text plans compared to the other cell phone service providers.
  • Limited high-speed data usage (only 4GB of data), you can have more data with lower speed.
  • The available Consumer Cellular phones still missing the top Android smartphones.

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