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Cricket Wireless runs on the reliable AT&T network and offers prepaid cell phone plans at reasonable prices. Cricket offers cheap family cell phone plans and good international deals. If you're looking for good coverage, or ready to add family members or friends to your account, or looking for a plan offering international talk, text, and even data you should consider Cricket Wireless as one of the best available options in the cell phone market. Check out the latest Cricket Wireless cell phone plans in 2020

Cricket Wireless Plans Review

Cricket Wireless plans reviews

  • Cricket Wireless uses the AT&T' network to provide nationwide coverage.
  • All the plans include unlimited talk, and unlimited text include SMS and MMS
  • Data at 4G LTE speeds.
  • Cricket offers one monthly prepaid cell phone plan and five no-contract cell phone plans.
  • Get $5 discount per month starting from the basic plan and higher plans with the auto pay service.
  • No overage charges; when the data allotment used the data speed reduced to 2G speeds.
  • Taxes included, and there are no extra fees.
  • You can bring your compatible phone or buy one from Cricket Wireless.

Cricket Cell Phone Plans 2020

Plan Minutes Texts Data Rate/mo
Talk and Text plan unlimited unlimited No data $9.95
$30 monthly plan unlimited unlimited 1 GB $30
Basic plan unlimited unlimited 2.5 GB $40
Basic plan with auto pay unlimited unlimited 2.5 GB $35
Smart plan unlimited unlimited 8 GB $50
Smart plan with auto pay unlimited unlimited 8 GB $45
Pro plan unlimited unlimited 10 GB $60
Pro plan with auto pay unlimited unlimited 10 GB $55
Unlimited plan unlimited unlimited unlimited $70
Unlimited plan with auto pay unlimited unlimited unlimited $65
  • The Talk and Text plan is available only for basic phones, and Cricket Wireless offers only one basic phone, which is the LG True for $30 with activation.
  • The Basic plan and higher plans get unlimited SMS text messages from the U.S. to 38 countries.
  • The Smart plan and higher plans get unlimited talk and text from or to Mexico and Canada. Also, you can use up to %50 of your high-speed data if you travel to any of these two countries.
  • The Basic plan and higher plan allow you to get the group discounts, which will be discussed below.
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Cricket Family Plans

With Cricket family plans you can save up to $100 per month if you subscribe to the Basic plan or higher plans. Cricket Wireless allows up to five lines per account, and the more lines you add, the higher discount you get.
  • The first (main) line doesn't get a discount.
  • The second line gets $10 discount per month.
  • The third line gets $20 discount per month.
  • The fourth line gets $30 discount per month.
  • The fifth line gets $40 discount per month.

Cricket family plans

Cricket Wireless Review - Features and Prices

As far as features Cricket doesn’t offer many features; it doesn’t offer unlimited music streaming as many other providers offer. The hotspot feature is available with the Smart and Pro plans for additional $10 per month. The international talk and text features may be a good reason to consider Cricket Wireless if you have friends or family outside the U.S.

As far as price, at the minimum, if you want to use the Basic plan for $35 per month with auto pay, you get 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited nationwide talk and text and even unlimited text messages to 38 countries. The Smart plan is now one of the cheapest cell phone plans, for $45 you’ll get 8 GB of high-speed data and unlimited international talk, and text to and from Mexico and Canada as an additional feature over the Basic plan. Cricket family plan discounts make it one of the affordable family plans.

Cricket Cell Phones

To use Cricket Wireless you can bring your own phone or any unlocked phone compatible with the Cricket GSM network if you don't have one you can buy one from them. As far as cell phone devices Cricket Wireless has still not quite gone very far on this yet. You do have the newest iPhone and the newest Samsung cell phones and even some of the newer Windows Phone versions. However, there is only about 24 phones available at a time from Cricket, and a good majority of them are lower end cell phones. Also, Cricket offers free phones or discounted phones if you switch, at the time of writing this review it offers the Microsoft Lumia 650 as a Cricket free phone if you switch.

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