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Tech-savvy seniors still can use their iPhone even if they’re above 65. But they may need to make sure they’re paying for only what they need. Some of the senior citizens need to learn some useful tips to deal easily with the iPhone. In the previous there’s only one iPhone carrier, which is AT&T so, it was not confusing to choose a plan that fits you from a slim plan's list. Now all the major carriers and most of the MVNOs are offering many plans with major and minor differences in features and prices. So, you need to compare some cell phone plans from many providers to decide on the right plan for you. Here we’ll preview our list for the best iPhone plans for seniors and a video that shows iPhone basics for seniors to easily deal with the iPhone. Also, you'll find a complete iPhone 6 user guide for seniors, and the best Verizon iPhone plans.

Best iPhone plans for seniors 2019

Best iPhone Plans for Seniors

The cheapest iPhone plan is offered by Republic Wireless; you get unlimited talk and text plus 1 GB of high-speed data for only $20 per month. The reason why Republic Wireless offers cheap prices; is this company mix between cell phone towers and Wi-Fi. Republic Wireless uses Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks so, this is one of the best iPhone plans for seniors who have good coverage with these two networks.

Republic Wireless 1 GB plan

  • Unlimited talk and text, 1 GB of data.
  • Price: $20 per month.
  • Plan type: No-contract

If you don’t use your iPhone to make calls frequently and are a heavy data user; T-Mobile offers a plan that gives you 5 GB of high-speed data, unlimited text messages, and 100 talk minutes for only $30 per month. This plan is a good deal for seniors who need more data without paying a lot of money.

T-Mobile Basic Monthly plan

  • 100 talk minutes, unlimited text messages, and 5GB of data.
  • Price: $30 per month, $20 for a SIM Starter Kit.
  • Available at T-Mobile website and Wal-Mart locations.
  • Check out the T-Mobile life line discount.

For seniors who are using their iPhone to make calls frequently and need a reasonable package of high-speed data; Cricket Wireless offers the Basic Plan. This plan gives you unlimited talk and text, plus 5 GB of high-speed data for only $40 per month and you get $5 discount if you subscribe to the auto-pay service.

Cricket Wireless Basic Plan

Verizon iPhone Plans

For senior citizens who live in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Texas or Detroit, Michigan, the Verizon GO Unlimited 55+ plan is the best Verizon iPhone plan. With this plan you get unlimited talk, text, and data for $60/month for one line or $80/month for two lines.

Otherwise you can get the standard Verizon GO Unlimited plan for $75/month for one line or $130/month for two lines.

Best Senior Citizen iPhone
Many are asking about the best senior citizen iPhone. There’re many tips and tricks for seniors when using an iPhone or an iPad that can help them to easily deal with their devices, like how to get a larger text; it is a useful feature for most of the seniors and old generation.

iPhone Basics for Seniors

iPhone Tips and Tricks for Seniors

iPhone 6 User Guide for Seniors

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