Verizon AARP Discount - Does Verizon offer AARP Discounts

Admin 2/27/2017
Verizon AARP discount! We received many questions asking does Verizon Wireless offer any AARP discounts? Here we’ll answer this frequently asked questions and talk about the AARP Membership, who’s eligible for the membership, and show you other cell phone service providers that offer AARP discounts.
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Verizon AARP Discount

The AARP membership is a good way to save money, with AARP you can get discounts on Insurance (such as life insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance).
  • Car rentals.
  • Travel.
  • Hotels.
  • Vacation Packages.
  • Restaurant discounts.
  • Cell phone service, phones, and accessories.

Who’s eligible for the AARP Membership?

People who are 50 or older can get AARP membership and enjoy AARP discounts for almost $16 per year if you live in the US, if you live outside the US the AARP fee will be slightly higher.

Does the Verizon AARP Discount Exist?

Verizon Wireless doesn’t offer AARP discount. Verizon offers special plans for older people, and you can check out the Verizon plans for seniors. Also, Verizon does offer discounts for veterans, active duty service members, and employees of many companies that have agreements with Verizon Wireless.

There are other phone service providers offers discounts on the cell phone service, the handset, and even the phone accessories.

For more information about what these companies offer you can see the AARP Cell Phone for Seniors.

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